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Oh, you reminded me with ads that starts with emojis like 🚨 or political posts that are just propaganda…

I used to see a lot of these on Facebook and Gab ( now ), so I just assume the post is going to be either an ad, fake news or just low effort when it starts with an emoji…

I like the use of emojis when it’s justified as you say, like : saying that’s delicious followed by 😋, sounds friendly, even Ai like Copilot is doing it now

And yes they’re cute that’s why I like them… 🐱


They were putting an emoji after letters 😆😤


He’s cute 😊


This “always taking everyting to the extreme” really annoys me about our current society. There is no moderation anymore; it feels like you must either be extremely happy or extremely sad/angry/whatever

And yet you still figured that I’m not actually crying rivers for emojis, I just miss them ( just a little ),

The idea of a emoji is to sound more human, that’s why Ai chat bots use them at the end of their answers, to sound more human and more friendly

emoticons such as :-) and ¯_(ツ)_/¯ doesn’t have the same effect, still they’re better than nothing…

But I don’t like to use them, because I prefer to use punctuation marks in paragraphs where they belong, not to draw faces, it’s not what they were meant to do


It’s not about votes at all, that was just a performance indicator to test my theory

It’s just so happens comments with emojis get downvoted, even if they provide value


Maybe ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶


Emojis are a terrible method of communication

I meant like using them as a supplement to your words, just like I did in my post

Based on the replies I got, i see why one may dislike them, when you put an emoji after each word, or just reply with an emoji, that’s annoying


“On Reddit people use emojis a lot” - that genuinely is not the experience on Reddit I had

I see, many replies I got said similar thing, I only used Reddit in the last couple of years, I became aware of old reddit when they killed 3rd party apps, so I’m not an old citizen of reddit as you can see

You just might want to remember that a lot of the people who hated new Reddit and a lot of the people who left Reddit for Lemmy the first time are/were going to be old-timers (by internet standards), so you might find fewer like-minded people here.

Oh, this makes lots of sense, I always felt like I’m talking to someone older than me on Lemmy, idk why? Sometimes they do mention their age or they have kids… Etc

As a last note, your saying you “miss emojis” makes me feel extra old (and I don’t think I’m old at all!)

hehe 😅, I don’t mean it like there is no emojis on the internet anymore, it’s just Lemmy is so similar to Reddit, but users here don’t use emojis ( not as much ), they use emoticons

I got a few good answers on why someone may dislike emojis, which were interesting


Idk, this was surprising to me personally, last time I used Reddit, there were emojis at the end of many comments, its so noticeable


This is a very well written reply ( it felt like I’m reading from a book: designing emojis ), thanks for sharing

I Totally agree with the fact that emojis can be expressive, but limited to the set of emojis you have on your keyboard/platform, and there are facial expressions that humans do alot but they’re not available on any platform!!

I don’t think anyone will look at my post and say : “wow, OP is crying rivers because he misses emojis”

But I think they’re cute, and personally reading a huge paragraph with no pictures or anything, make me disconnect, in all my notes, the titles and the subtitles have emojis in them ✍️


No, first time I heard about that sub is from you 😊


Fair enough 😄


What are you thinking about ?


glad I’m not the only one, maybe because people here are techy and older, they’re used to terminals and IDEs, these things don’t utilize emojis AFAIK, it’s def a mentality thing


Omg, I love blobcat 🥰 ( I use it on Mastodon )

Don’t know if I can use it here ?


I understanding these are not emojis, just pictures that load on the server using HTML, that’s why they appeare bigger on other servers


I don’t care about the downvotes, this post is about the absent use of emojis on Lemmy

votes were just a performance indicator to test my theory, that’s why I went out of my way to see the votes


Thanks, popcorn makes me happy 😁


Odd that you experienced differently

I used Reddit in the last few years, many people here used it since old reddit ui was the default, so you’re right, it’s just my experience


I enjoyed the last episode of AOT, it was depressing but 10/10 nonetheless, I didn’t eat popcorn, had a bag of chips instead 😊


Best medium is face to face where you can actually see and hear the person you’re talking to, after that it’s voice call, after that it’s text on paper and lastly paintings and symbols…

I said “poor” not “bad”, compared to the real one on one experience, also looking at religious scriptures are misinterpreted all the time and used for nefarious purposes, should tell you something about relying on text

emojis can ( It’s a possibility ) add context and mood to the discussion, plus they cute, that’s all

I was just wondering why lemmings don’t use them and downvote who uses them ( not that I care about meaningless points ), turns out Lemmy has lots of boomers


It’s crazy they politicized emojis 🙄…


Or maybe I can be creative:

“So, What’s the big deal 😒🙄?”


“So, What’s the big deal 🧐?”


define a “normie” ?


Bruh, I’m not here to argue, I’m not an activist for emojis

Religious scriptures were purposefully written with ambiguity and the intent of tricking in mind

Not true, but not wrong either

So can words, or other types of pictograms

I don’t know why people assume opposition, because an opinion don’t necessary fall in line with what they believe or think, if you think words can add meaning and mood, just remember I never said the opposite

… i hate most emojis



Makes sense, I hate Discord for this very reason, they have little animated emojis all over the UI, I know it depends on the server but every server goes for that look

I like eye candy but that’s too much, I like how Matrix has done it, they give you all the reactions and it stays away from text


I have mixed feelings about this reply ಠᴗಠ


What’s wrong in the thinking a person who uses emojis is a 12yo ? 🤦‍♂️


Lol, but you’re on hexbear, you have the ultimate power of emojis ಥ_ಥ


Anyways, thanks for coming to my TED talk



i like bluesky mostly because it’s the most like early twitter.

In which way ?

Next smartphone I buy, which one do you recommend? (

Things that make me angry about my current smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra on a Verizon plan is the mandatory software updates in which they install WITHOUT MY PERMISSION stupid apps like Netflix and addictive gambling games and stacking block games and Candy crush. God knows what else they install without my permission. I...


For best privacy AND security, Pixel 8 or 8 Pro

I agree, but OP said

I’m not going to affiliate with any conglomerate

So, my other pick is Fairphone, actually after this discussion with this lovely Lemmy user, it’s probably my next phone


You can read about why GrapheneOS support pixels only, from that you can guess that other phones lack some or most of these features

Also it depends on the OS, for example DivestOS maintains a web page of all the poor security measures in /e/OS

Also see CalyxOS vs GrapheneOS

In the end, choosing which project to use can be difficult just because of politics between the communities of these projects, saying a certain project is unsecure can get people using that project defensive, so keep that in mind


I doubt it, this is to trick the user into thinking they’re special because they managed to get in

If they had 10k users I won’t suspect a dark pattern, but 2 million ?! That’s to lure people into joining


Should I go with this or droidian ?


From this page :

Droidian uses Debian as a base and It can be treated as a desktop operating system modified to run on Android devices. While Ubuntu Touch is built as a GNU/Linux operating system with user friendliness in mind.

I’m not sure what does this mean, but does UT apps work in droidian, and can I use a VPN ?

I like Posh that’s why I’m leaning to Droidian, UTouch Ui is not as good


Droidian FAQ says you can use Flatpacks and AFAIK some are designed for mobile, there are lots of VPN apps on Flathub, I think Droidian is a better option for me, however UT seem more mature and faster like you said

Has Windows startup repair or a troubleshooter ever fixed your issue even once? ( en

Yeah, basically that. I’m back at work in Windows land on a Monday morning, and pondering what sadist at Microsoft included these features. It’s not hyperbole to say that the startup repair, and the troubleshooters in settings, have never fixed an issue I’ve encountered with Windows. Not even once. Is this typical?...


What the hell I’m I reading ! 🤣


Yeah, but all tech products are sourced from China no ?


I mean even if it was reputable, doesn’t mean it’s trustworthy, in fact it’s quite the opposite, and even if it was designed elsewhere, the manufacturing process still happens there, which is concerning to say the least, that’s why Apple wants to start manufacturing in the US, and UK ( and other Eu countries ) wants to remove huawei 5g networks,

Now, is all these news nothing but propaganda? Is it for political reasons and Chinese tech products are clean and safe, just the US wants to bury the competition, I don’t think so, everyone I know owns a Chinese phone and the way these things behave makes me confirm my suspicions ( activates GPS randomly, scan your downloads, disactives privacy features… Etc )

Note : the video talks about Samsung which is not Chinese, but it’s a famous brand


moving production elsewhere will change nothing

Probably yes, but isn’t relying on a single country to get your chips, equal or even more problematic. especially when you know that that country is heavily invested in cyberwarfare, espionage and censorship.

Even their constitution states that every Chinese product ( software or hardware ), must send data it collects to the government.

What’s stops them from “chipping” every phone they export ? Or hardcoding spyware into the motherboard or CPU ? Nothing ( this is way more scarier than software level spying )

What do you think the CCP is gonna do to you? You’re outside of their jurisdiction completely.

You don’t know that 💀

it js just propaganda, in a sense that it’s trying to make you think this kind of behavior is somehow unique to Chinese companies or a result of tech being manufactured in China

This is like Apple saying your Android spies on you… lol ( I believe they did say that )

I’m aware of US privacy laws ( e.g. Cloud Act ) and technologies ( e.g. Intel ME ), yeah it’s not unique to China


China has some of the strictest laws on data protection

Is that so ? , protection from who ?

just so we on the same page, I’m talking about data is gathered, not whether it’s protected ( legally ) , idc

can you provide a source?

I’m not a lawyer but I think somewhere in the DSL it mentions data is collected from companies within China and outside, but why is it hard for you to swallow, knowing that US based companies ( with all the power they have, lawyers… Etc ) comply with data collection laws

Not sure where you were going with this

It’s more of a metaphor I guess, basically it’s a decoy, they tell you these people are spying on you, while they do the same or worse

becoming an actual threat to western companies’ profit margins.

Aaside from that, US officials make good points when they talk about the threat of Chinese products ( Tiktok, Huawei ) from a Cybersecurity perspective


Oh, shoot didn’t realize China is a privacy haven, maybe I should move there, maybe I should install Tiktok as well, is that what you’re saying ?

Because they don’t. Evidenced by all the fines the EU is handing out to google, meta, etc. You could also look to all the stuff Snowden blew the whostle on. Do you think they just stopped doing mass surveillance on a global level?

There is a misunderstanding here, I meant they do comply with FBI subpoena’s and they do handle data to US government and 3 letter agencies, why is it that you think Chinese companies are safe from their government ? ( I’ll rephrase it : if US gov can just order US based companies to hand over user messages and emails, why can’t China gov do the same to Chinese based companies ? considering their track record )

I did open your article BTW, it doesn’t answer this question, off course i didn’t read the whole thing

then claim there’s no propaganda

how ? When ?

Didn’t say it’s not propaganda, I was the first to suspect the news I shared to be propaganda, but that doesn’t mean there is no truth in it, that’s how you make successful propaganda, you add false narratives to the real ones, have you listened to why your government officials wanted to ban Tiktok ?


RockyLinux and Garuda are 9Gb and 5Gb respectively…


they are probably offline install ISOs with all the software included right?

yes they are, but when you install them you’ll see they’re removing lots of stuff that’s not needed for your hardware to function

What I hate the most about Windows isos is not the size, although it’s most likely just bloat and spying programs, I hate that they don’t let you download them if you … As they say

leveraging anonymous or location hiding technologies when connecting to this service is not generally allowed

Yeah, right… Is it unlikely they’re getting your real IP to associate it with that Iso, so they have one more data point that get added to that profile they built about u ? maybe I’m just overthinking

On Windows you need shady external software

No, not necessarily you can use Foss debloaters but they won’t magically make windows ethical


I know this is none of my business, so please don’t take this the wrong way …

that I still care about

That’s sweet, but shouldn’t there be a middle ground ?, I mean if someone cares about you they should in theory value what you value ? ( or respect what u value )

And here’s the thing about people, they’ll install all the random adware from the play store, but won’t install an app for a friend, I have people like this in my life, and the worst part is I explained my concern with Facebook and why I don’t use it, still they like : “yeah, you come to me I won’t come to you”, and later complain about how hard I’m to reach… !! 😒🙄


Convenience over ethics that’s one way to put it…

I have noticed that the people I preach to about privacy, or at least try, they’re like : yeah, we know we being spied on, but it is how it is…

And I’m like: No, it’s just a matter of what tools you use…

Them : such as ?

Me : you can use Signal instead of WhatsApp, as a start

Them : in a mocking and condescending manner and that doesn’t spy on you ?

Me : proceeds to explain what Foss means, and the war that’s going on to harvest user data for the next psychological war and creating a dystopia , the war they’re totally sleeping on

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