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YSK that SLS, an ingredient added to most commercial toothpastes, causes canker sores ( en

I learned about this many years ago and the difference after I started using only SLS-free toothpaste was night and day. I used to get canker sores any time I would bite the inside of my cheek, hit my gums with the hard parts of my toothbrush, etc., and this completely stopped a while after I switched to SLS-free....

YSK there is a 30-Day Map Challenge on Mastodon in November (

Why YSK: It’s a really cool challenge where each day people post their map interpretations of the theme of the day (points, lines, etc. - see graphic). You can learn a lot and see cool and unexpected data. The challenge is happening on all social media platforms, but I’m specifically mentioning Mastodon for obvious...

YSK: When you want to learn the facts on a controversial topic, check Wikipedia (

When there is a heated, with a lot of strong and exaggerated arguments on both sides, and I don’t know what to believe, or I’m overwhelmed with the raw information, I look at Wikipedia. Or even something that is not a current event, but the information I found on the internet doesn’t feel reliable....

YSK that You can now generate posts for Lemmy/Kbin, search for posts, and redirect posts from foreign instances (with Instance Assistant v1.2.5) (

Why YSK: It’s a free and open source browser extension we have been working on, which might make it easier to use Lemmy & Kbin. This update in particular brings a few features that make the sites a lot easier to use, in particular the ability to jump from a post on one instance to the same post on another. Since the URL...

YSK that there are a range of medications that can prevent alcoholics and other addicts from relapsing ( en

If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with this its worth knowing and worth asking your doctor about. Article mainly discusses generic anticonvulsants that have proven beneficial, but there are others such as Naltrexone that can also be helpful.

YSK: you can setup pihole on any old rooted android (5.0+) device (

I just discovered this and it works fantastically on any old / unused android device you might have lying around, I was shocked at how easy it was, all the instructions are there, once you have it running all you need to do is set your router DNS settings to your pihole IP address and presto! Ads and trackers are gone!...

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