Gangsters have gone out of style because its safer and easier to be a white collar criminal (

Playing through the latest Yazuka game about the death of the Yakuza, similar to the last of the outlaws in RDR2.

You could just do an FTX and scapegoat 1 person, or be like WeWork and get rich losing money. Not to mention the hundreds of embezzling, politician lobbying companies out there or even the chaebols in Asia.


Gangster organizations like the Yakuza or the italian mafia ARE those white collar criminals doing lobbying and getting rich through loop holes in the system. They‘re more powerful than ever and don‘t have to break anyone‘s bones or smash anyone‘s store anymore. They won.


Plus can live in a villa with all the luxuries instead of doing like the Sicilian Mafia boss Matteo Messina denaro who lived in an old house in the middle of nowhere hidden like a rat for over three decades


I grew up in a family who were professional criminals. Nearly all of the first and second generation eventually got into real estate development and the several of the second generation went into tax law. A bunch of other families I knew of got into local politics.


…so nothing really changed for them and they’re still doing basically the same things? /s

SexualPolytope, avatar

The /s doesn’t really belong here.

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