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We're probably pretty fortunate that humans have at least some degree of self control over when we stop eating. (

Like, I just was thinking about how lots of pet species will just eat as much food as you give them to the point of making themselves sick, and keeping them at a healthy weight requires not giving them access to too much food. Obviously some humans have problems with this, but imagine how bad things would be if everyone were...

The lack of "real world complaints" and "anger" in popular music genres helps keep the masses docile ( en

Been thinking a bit about this, popular music (the ones that hit top 100 charts or whatever) never has lyrics that point out real problems or point to culprits and how they’re fucking our shit, which is very easy to find in punk rock and some variations, as well as rap....

It is interesting to see what ads play during certain content… (

I know there is usually a “target demographic” that is profiled for what kind of products that they may buy. I was listening to an electro swing mix online and I kept hearing ads for different kinds of soaps, and all I could think of is “damn, a lot of people must clean while listening to this.

A lot of societies problems would be solved if they taught about forming healthy relationships in school. (

Right now there is a loneliness epidemic throughout the world. More and more people aren’t entering relationships. Gen Z men are having significant trouble dating while there are some economic factors in the mix. From my own view and experiences combined with what I’ve read most Gen Z men are lack the social and...

Humans are similar to cancer cells (

Cancer cells are cells that keep growing even when they are told to stop. They continue to grow even when they are a detriment to the body. They consume a large amount of resources and they have no regard for the future even though their unsustainable growth will always lead to the death of their host and to themselves....

We could not stop Gary Thuerk and subsequent followers, so why do we think we can contain AI? (

The first recorded instance of spam, not yet referred to as ‘email,’ was sent on May 3, 1978, to several hundred ARPANET users. It was an advertisement for a Digital Equipment Corporation presentation showcasing their DECSYSTEM-20 products, sent by Gary Thuerk, one of their marketers. The Air Force, outraged by the misuse of...

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