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I’m only half joking when I credit caffeine and cannabis for helping me dodge covid all this time (that I know of, I might’ve had an asymptomatic case but every time I’ve gotten tested it’s been negative). Of course masking and living like a hermit even before covid kicked off definitely helps, but I’ll take the excuse to indulge in my favourite vices

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I heard beer helps a lot too!

Where I heard you ask? Well I red it somewhere… I’m sure it was a reliable source…


I was at an inpatient medical facility last year and they had a doctor come in specifically to give an hour long lecture about how smoking cigarettes prevents covid. It was the most surreal thing I’ve ever experienced and I have no idea where they found that Marlboro man ass doctor.

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Is this actually true in the way that is intuitive or is it true in the same sense that if you have a petri dish with cancerous cells in it you can kill them with a handgun

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According to the study at least, they claim to have seen a statistically significant difference in human trials with moderate coffee consumption. Whether the trials were well done is another question of course. :)


hell yeah coffee and weed have ace2 inhibitors just what i need to hear to keep enjoying them guilt free baby


Anyone else get a feeling of pressure in their eye when they drink coffee?

It happens to me sometimes but not always
that’s why i stopped


I do not, but does that happen with decaf or with other caffeinated drinks?


happens with decaf, doesn’t happen with tea

it has nothing to do with caffeine


That’s strange. The body is weird

I had a friend who drank a case of Coke a day and then had a mini heart attack at 18 and now he can’t have any caffeine or he gets sick.


how many cans is a case?


I don’t know, those two wide ones where the front pulled down as a dispenser.

I haven’t bought coke in decades so I couldn’t tell you.


Do you remove the spoon from the cup, before you take a sip? /j


I would see an optometrist to check your eye pressure to prevent glaucoma to be safe.


CBD also helps and doesn’t leave a motherfucker with the jitters


Is that true? I don’t do anything but I’d see about this if it kept my lungs from turning into beef jerky


It won’t stop an infection from going bad but it can mildly reduce risk of infection iirc


Nicotine and amphetamines had the same effect based on studies done during the pandemic, accounting for smoking’s oddly protective effect that was observed initially, counterintuitively.

As someone with ADHD that dips and drinks coffee, none of that stopped me from getting covid repeatedly while working in a hospital.

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Still getting COVID is consistent with the results of this study. Coffee helps, but only by 10%.

Based on the previous report analysis [26], drinking one or more cups of coffee per day was related to approximately 10% lower risk of COVID-19 compared to no coffee in the UK Biobank (UKB)

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So between daily coffee and weekly cannabis consumption I should be well protected. Not to mention the vaccination. So why did I catch that shit last year??


Because 10% more protection does not mean 100% safe.

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I wasn’t being serious, in case that wasn’t obvious. But thanks for the clarification.


I’ve lost my sarcasm detector when it comes to Covid 😑

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That’s understandable.

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@Chais @yogthos I was asking myself the same 🤣


This study verified moderate coffee consumption, including decaffeination, can provide a new guideline for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2. Based on the results, we also suggest a coffee-drinking plan for people to prevent infection in the post-COVID-19 era.

Aw heck yes, petition to name this the Janeway diet!


In the words on the great Janeway, “Do It!”.


There’s ~coffee~ an odds ratio decrease of 0.1 in that nebula!


That site won’t let me reject cookies, I’m forced to accept them. So I’ll pass thanks.

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Well coffee and cookies go great together


If you use Firefox you can turn on the thing that they just enabled in Germany by going to about:config and setting these options:

  • cookiebanners.service.mode 2
  • cookiebanners.service.mode.privateBrowsing 2

They are both set to ‘0’ right now.

They are testing this setting, so if something goes wrong then change it back.

More information here: …mozilla.org/…/firefox-cookie-banner-handling/

Caveat: I just learned this on Lemmy in some other thread I can’t find again.


Good news everyone

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