JCPhoenix, avatar

I actually these little minigame ones as opposed to the text captchas or the “Click all the photos of traffic lights.”


They certainly look more fun.

teft, avatar

Hilarious is one word I wouldn’t use to describe a company offloading their AI training to users.


Yep I’ve started getting weird garbled almost images in captchas and it’s just gross that I have to add to an AI training data set just to use a service.


Make sure you update your resume with your new skill of "AI Trainer"!


Good idea, I’ll put it right by “Time Person of the Year 2006”!


Couldn't hurt. I list that I can "talk to animals". I have no clue if the animals understand me, but that's not the point.


The original idea of recapcha was nice, we helped digitize books that had words the OCR couldn’t recognize.

Almace, avatar

For what it's worth, captchas have been used for training image recognition "AI" well before AI became such a hot topic buzzword. Especially in the automotive industries - it's why a lot of captchas are like "please select images that have a street light" or "bicycles".


Yep, Google did buy recaptcha after all

peter, avatar

I don’t think Arkose is one of the ones that trains AI they literally brag about being designed to waste humans time on their website. The purpose of them over other captchas is they’re not designed to detect robots, they’re designed to make it costly to pay someone to solve them because they take so much time

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