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Does anyone just wish so much of the burden wasn't put on you? ( en

It seems like all the onus is on to socialise in the meantime you are relentlessly judged for how you go about socialising or dating. I am on college right now and I am seriously struggling to make friendships. My anxiety is kinda on overdrive because of it. I am expected to know if I am welcome to come or not but if I am not...

How to handle "you're too sensitive" and other similar remarks? ( en

I’m learning that being told “you’re too sensitive” and other such remarks is considered gaslighting. However, as autistic individuals, we are known for being highly sensitive, both with perceptions and emotions. So, I find myself wondering if perhaps I need to consider that I am more sensitive than the general...

(Please delete this post) Is it common for people with ASD to genuinely not understand the reason behind rules? ( en

I’ve had problems with roommates on the spectrum that I rent out to who seem to think that they should ask for explanations of rules as a way of trying to argue. Normally I’d assume they’re just trying to be jerks and look for backdoor ways of arguing or “concern trolling,” but I’m open to the slim possibility that...

TIL that the Māori word for autism is "Takiwātanga" meaning "their own time and space." I also learned that it's not without controversy (see inside). ( en

I thought the word and the definition sounded beautiful, but then I also learned that it was [coined in 2017]( and has been accused of imposing outside culture. Namely, here is a criticism I found on Twitter and Reddit but without further attribution or detail:...

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