what do you think of brave (browser)? en (kopnij.in)

I only use brave at work because it somehow bypasses the firewall there and I can install and use it. I run it to watch videos about cooking or traveling and reading news when I have nothing to do at my job.

At home I usually run tor browser (tbb) and firefox with addons to block ads and tracking.

I’m not sure I should turn to brave as default browser. How do you see it?

what’s your experience with brave like?

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If you so much as mention a browser on reddit you’ll get 5 replies telling you to try Brave


Haven’t seen it mentioned once. Most of the time, it’s to NOT use brave as it’s sketchy, and to use Vivaldi, or even better Firefox.


My biggest problem with Brave is it installs VPN Services without without telling you. Here’s a Brave developer talking about it on the Brave subreddit.

If you need a Chromium browser. Just use ungoogled-chromium, Windows version. If you just need a browser use Firefox.


I just discovered this on a relative’s computer. Any trick to removing the VPN service?


In OP’s case it sounds like the VPN service is the whole reason they’re using it. Not that I would recommend it, as their corporate IT likely has a policy against exactly this sort of thing


The VPN services are installed but do not run unless/until you activate Brave VPN. This is such a non-issue.


As a regular user, it’s fine. I know the controversy around it. At the moment, it doesn’t bother me as much as it does with others. I only use brave, the browser. I don’t use its search or any other of their services.

I would like to go to Firefox but only thing keeping me from switching is its PWA experience is not good compared to Brave/Chrome.




Progressive web apps


Assume you are new here? Lemmings suckle at the teet of the red panda. Brave is hated for its pretense of privacy while in reality being perhaps even shadier than the big data boys.


I use it on PineTab 2 as according to the folks on Discord it has the best benchmarks. On any other device, Firefox all the way.


Crypto scam scum


All evidence points to it being a very technically sound browser but with a terrible leadership. I used to use Brave but have since switched back to Vanadium.


I agree with the people here. Secondly: Tor is good for some use cases and not so much for others. Mind that you’re tunneling your data over some exit nodes you probably know little about. Make sure to use https and only encrypted connections, so your data can’t be intercepted. Tor Browser might already come with a https only plugin by default, I don’t really know.

I also don’t know much about Brave. If it’s tunneling your data somewhere to bypass the firewall, the same thing applies. Make sure to understand why this firewall is there in the first place. And the consequences of bypassing it. And the people you trust with your or your company’s data. For news and cooking videos, it should be alright in any case.

I use “Mull” on my Android. And some Firefox on Linux.


It’s a good browser. I used it for a really long time then switched to Firefox. Now I’m switching back, because Firefox has bizzare issues with rendering some pages and apps.


It’s shady AF. Anything with that much crypto bs baked in shouldn’t be trusted.




It’s a great browser. The mobile version is packed with features not found in other browsers and the desktop version is the best chromium based browser imho.

A lot of people here trash talk brave because of the CEO but there are bad apples in every corporation.


The one founded by the guy who got fired from Mozilla for supporting hate groups?

The one that integrates support for NFTs, the stupidest form of cryptocurrency scam?

That browser?

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For a browser that claims to be privacy focused, it’s not trustworthy (as indicated by the other commentors). I’ve ditched it myself some time ago

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If you think the company isn’t trustworthy that’s completely understandable by why does that affect the browser? It’s fully open source. If they’re doing something shady with it people would instantly become aware of it.


We are aware of their involvement in crypto shit, and are therefore negative to them. Open source does not mean good (as in not evil), nor good (as in not bad).

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You mean the crypto shit you can disable in a couple of clicks and completely ignore? Firefox doesn’t have that good of defaults either. You also have disable things like Pocket and change some settings to make it good. It’s why Hardened Firefox and Librewolf exist.

And where did I say that open source = good? I just said it being open source makes it easily to see if they are doing something shady. It’s how they were caught changing the referral URLs a few years ago. If they try to pull anything they would be caught the same way they were before.


If they try to pull anything they would be caught the same way they were before.

They were caught. My problem is that you think being caught deceiving your end users should go unpunished. Betraying your customers in that way should mean the end of the product.

The fact that they do crypto shit is a general argument against them, that your arguments might counteract. The fact that they did SECRET crypto shit should be 100% nuclear.

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The fact that they did SECRET crypto shit should be 100% nuclear.

It wasn’t a secret. By the nature of being open source, it is in the open. They literally can’t do anything secret which is what makes trusting the company a non-factor. You just have to trust that the community stays on top of things which is the same amount of trust required for any other open source project. Think about what happened with Audacity, they tried adding telemetry and was immediately called out for it.

And nuclear? They added a variable in a URL. As far as I know it was only for Binance. It’s not like that’s a privacy concern because all that tells Binance is the user came from Brave… which they could already get from the user agent when you visit.

And you know who else adds variables in URLs? Firefox. Type something in the address bar and hit enter (with default settings). You’ll see ?client=firefox-b-1-d in your Google search. Should they have added the referral code? Absolutely not. But it’s not that heinous.


makes trusting the company a non-factor
You just have to trust that the community stays on top of things

With your reasoning the latter point doesn't matter, since you believe no action should be taken when the community discovers things.


I’m against it. Their crypto angle is/was a joke, and now the AI data harvesting pushes it further down.

I also found most Brave users to be some of the must infuriating people I met in real life. Not that brave it self did it, but most people I used to work with that used it was “privacy focused” libertarians with some bad takes.

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