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if i make static qr codes, no one can redirect them later right? (

ive just heard of an incident where students redirected their books codes to p**n. can i make sure that doesnt happen? also, im using google to generate them, is there a foss alternative as im scared of tracking. lastly, can i make the qr code redirect to a specific page of a pdf as i want people to be able to scan them and...

What item have you been using on a daily basis for the longest amount of time? ( en

Sometimes I will use something and realize I’ve owned it forever. It’s a nice change in our throwaway reality. I think my personal record is a bicycle multi-tool I got for one of my first bikes, ~25 years ago. Still have it, still use it. When it comes to electronic devices I have a Panasonic mini Hi-Fi from ~2005. Never...

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