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Profil ze zdalnego serwera może być niekompletny. Zobacz więcej na oryginalnej instancji.

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BATMAN BIG BAT DICK BELT GO! “Batman, that’s just a massive strapon…”

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The connect app has instance level blocking which is really nice

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They never planned to get THIS far. They even disappeared with the money for like a year and then just came back like nothing happened.

Tool to compare Instance's defederations? (kopnij.in) en

Hi, looking to move away from lemmy.world. not that my experience is not going well, it’s just that in the last 2 months I’ve come to find what I want to see in the instance I’m part of. I simply want to check before making my choice information on defederation. I haven’t pirated anything in the last few years, but...

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Sh.itjust.works also seems to have really good uptime

What is a good hobby for a depressed person? (kopnij.in) en

So i still have depression and im constantly bored, i feel like a loser who cant do anything right. I want to let my creativeness out, make something i can share with the world or family, but im probably dreaming too big. I cant stand being depressed and bored, it stinks, everyone tells me to work out but i lack the motivation...

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Knitting. The basics are really easy to pick up and you get something out of it surprisingly fast. As an added bonus knitting supplies can be gotten for around $10 at walmart all in

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