if i make static qr codes, no one can redirect them later right? (kopnij.in)

ive just heard of an incident where students redirected their books codes to p**n. can i make sure that doesnt happen? also, im using google to generate them, is there a foss alternative as im scared of tracking. lastly, can i make the qr code redirect to a specific page of a pdf as i want people to be able to scan them and...

Does anyone just wish so much of the burden wasn't put on you? (kopnij.in) en

It seems like all the onus is on to socialise in the meantime you are relentlessly judged for how you go about socialising or dating. I am on college right now and I am seriously struggling to make friendships. My anxiety is kinda on overdrive because of it. I am expected to know if I am welcome to come or not but if I am not...

3,000 ancient coins and gems unearthed at Italy's "Pompeii of the north" — with only 10% of the site searched so far (cbsnews.com) en

A trove of ancient coins and gems has been unearthed in northern Italy, marking the latest treasure discovery in an ongoing archaeological effort to explore Claterna, a bygone city described by officials as a “magical place” holding relics dating back 2,000 years.

We're probably pretty fortunate that humans have at least some degree of self control over when we stop eating. (kopnij.in)

Like, I just was thinking about how lots of pet species will just eat as much food as you give them to the point of making themselves sick, and keeping them at a healthy weight requires not giving them access to too much food. Obviously some humans have problems with this, but imagine how bad things would be if everyone were...

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