3,000 ancient coins and gems unearthed at Italy's "Pompeii of the north" — with only 10% of the site searched so far (cbsnews.com) en

A trove of ancient coins and gems has been unearthed in northern Italy, marking the latest treasure discovery in an ongoing archaeological effort to explore Claterna, a bygone city described by officials as a “magical place” holding relics dating back 2,000 years.

Advice for channel using GPT-4-Turbo for scientific paper summaries? (m.youtube.com)

So I’ve been working on an implementation of GPT-4-Turbo that’s designed to ingress entire papers into its context window and process them into summaries that would be understandable by someone with a highschool education (originally went for 8th grade max, but that led to rather patronizing results lol). The machine tells...

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