Time to ditch #duckduckgo (lemmy.world) en

In the last couple of months I have noticed an increasing trend of supplying me search results that are completely unrelated to the current query and tie back to my location or previous searches. I can say this with a high degree of certainty this is without a doubt beyond the 100th instance this has happened....

TIL that there's a FOSS Tomb Raider engine that can run on a web browser (lemmy.world) en

The name is OpenLara ([github.com/XProger/OpenLara](https://github.com/XProger/OpenLara) ) and you can try out the WebGL build directly on your web browser on: [xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/](http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/) . The web version works amazingly well on my Pixel 7a with touch controls (you have to click on...

Chronomutants 1.3 needs eyeballs (lemmy.world) en

Finished a big rewrite of my rulebook. It’s a goofy time-traveling action mess of a game. I’ve been working on and playing the game for almost 3 years now, but the rulebook is falling behind where the game is at the table. I would really appreciate it if anyone that likes reading rulebooks could check out [the Google Docs...

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