need online fix with crack for Asseto corrsa, Forza H 5 and Carx Drift online (lemmy.ml) en

i have gotten forza horizon 5 from online-fix.me but cant seem to play online due to an error that no servers in the region are found (added to steam and it shows spacewars but still cant get into online) (P.S the pic is from google, but i get this error) Also wanna know if there are online fixes for CarXdrift and Asseto Corsa...

Vote brigade by Reddit admins on Lemmy? (lemmy.ml) en

I just looked back and my phone and downvotes started to roll in at INSANE speed! I honestly though that it was a glitch! Before that, this post had 1 downvote, and suddenly SIXTY FIVE of them! I am not a conspiracy guy, but WHAT THE HELL? Also, all comments agreed with me that this is a cool meme, so that makes it extra...

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