Artemis app broken - is the project still alive? (kbin.social) en

I've enjoyed using Artemis even though I can't login through it (I'm on kbin). It's been interesting to be a pure lurker instead of an avid commenter like I was on the former site. In the past couple of days, though, Artemis has failed to fetch any new content. Deleting the iOS app and reinstalling through Testflight does...

What item have you been using on a daily basis for the longest amount of time? (kopnij.in) en

Sometimes I will use something and realize I’ve owned it forever. It’s a nice change in our throwaway reality. I think my personal record is a bicycle multi-tool I got for one of my first bikes, ~25 years ago. Still have it, still use it. When it comes to electronic devices I have a Panasonic mini Hi-Fi from ~2005. Never...

if i make static qr codes, no one can redirect them later right? (kopnij.in)

ive just heard of an incident where students redirected their books codes to p**n. can i make sure that doesnt happen? also, im using google to generate them, is there a foss alternative as im scared of tracking. lastly, can i make the qr code redirect to a specific page of a pdf as i want people to be able to scan them and...

Does anyone just wish so much of the burden wasn't put on you? (kopnij.in) en

It seems like all the onus is on to socialise in the meantime you are relentlessly judged for how you go about socialising or dating. I am on college right now and I am seriously struggling to make friendships. My anxiety is kinda on overdrive because of it. I am expected to know if I am welcome to come or not but if I am not...

"Koszmarny okres nadludzko ciężkiej fizycznej pracy" - Marta Rozmysłowicz o algorytmicznym nadzorze tempa pracy w magazynach (spidersweb.pl)

Technologie mierzą, kontrolują i umożliwiają wyciskanie z pracowników coraz więcej. A mogą służyć także do dbania o ich bezpieczeństwo. – Pora, aby w końcu i oni skorzystali z tego awansu technologicznego – mówi w rozmowie z SW+ Marta Rozmysłowicz.

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