Please be sure to review block lists and block the known abusive websites. (github.com) en

This list is biased around mastodon, but works for any federated instance. You have to remember that "Federated is federated" and KBIN connects not just to Lemmy but ALL the fediverse. It's important you go to admin settings and add abusive sites to the block list - for your sanity and the safety of your users

r/childfree mod help please (kopnij.in)

I'm hoping a mod from r/childfree sees this. I used the master list of childfree doctors to find my own doctor to get a vasectomy and it went well. We are in need of a doctor from that list but we can't access the list due to the reddit blackout. I'm really hoping and praying either a mod is on here and can help or someone...

Can I see which instances kbin.social has blocked? (kbin.social) en

As I learn more about Lemmy and ActivityPub, I learn that the owners of each instance can dramatically shape our entire experience by blocking other instances. For example, beehaw.org blocks hundreds of other instances, while lemmy.world blocks only one. This is visible by scrolling to the bottom of the page on each instance and...

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How do you feel about people upvoting their own posts? (kbin.social) en

I always thought it was a pretty smart idea on Reddit's side to have the posts and comments be automatically upvoted by their author, saving them the tough choice between playing fair or boosting their initial reach a little; and if you had particularly low self-esteem, this enabled you to reduce your own points by not one, but...

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